Trig is One!

March 15, 2014 // Daily Life

Our little guy turned one last Friday. I can’t believe a year has already passed us by. Every single person I know who has kids talks about how fast the time flies and they always say, “before you know it they are starting Kindergarten.” Or, “before you know it they are going away to college.” I get it now. And I promise you I savor every moment I get with my baby boy. And while I sometimes think about how nice it would be to be in my cozy bed wrapped in my blankets, those 3am cuddles feel pretty darn good, too. And one day when he does go away to college, those snuggles and cuddles will just be a memory. So for now I’m spending my time loving on him, holding him, kissing him, teaching him, and playing with him every waking moment I have. His first year of life was spent doing just those things and what a wonderful year it was!!

When Trig turned one month old I thought it would be cute to take a picture of him with a chalkboard filled with things he was doing that month. I decided to continue the tradition and took one picture every month until he turned one. Every month I wrote details of the new things he was doing and placed him on the board and snapped the picture. It ended up turning out really cute and now I have a collection of pictures to show his growth and changes for the first 12 months.













Lots and lots of pictures were taken at his first birthday but I haven’t collected all of them from the friends that were taking them. As soon as I do I’ll write a post on his party. It turned out pretty cute :)


San Francisco Vacay!

February 28, 2014 // Family time

I’m sure you already noticed this, but I took a break from blogging. Nothing is wrong, I just kinda ran out of stuff to talk about. Not only that, but I have been busy, busy, busy and when Trig goes to bed I pretty much only have enough energy for a shower and a glass of wine ;) But I’ve been missing this so here I am!

Now, about San Francisco… let me rewind a little bit. Cody and I got married at the peak of hunting season in October 2011 so he pretty much only had the weekend then got right back to work the following week after our wedding. A honeymoon was out of the question so we planned on going to San Fran the summer of 2012 until I got pregnant. One of the main reasons we wanted to go to San Fran was for Wine Country and since I couldn’t drink, we thought we would wait until our 5 year anniversary to go. I’m sure you can imagine the surprise when I walked out on Christmas morning to airline tickets bound to California and 2 bottles of wine!! Honeymoon… here we come!!!

I’ve been dying to go for so long and knowing I didn’t have to wait another 2.5 years was music to my heart! Trig stayed with my mom for 5 nights (what was I thinking leaving him so long???) and we had the time of our lives! I have to say, parts San Francisco were pretty disappointing. It was dirty and filled with mean, screaming, hitting, crazy homeless people. I really thought we were going to get mugged a couple different times so we mainly stayed around Fisherman’s Wharf where we felt safe . We loved it there! Visiting Alcatraz was on the top of our list of things to do and it did not disappoint! The ride over was beautiful and once we got there we enjoyed walking around and doing the audio tour.



After the tour, we took the ferry back to the city to walk around and have lunch.


This little birdie sat on our table while we ate.


We spent all day Thursday in the city just walking around and taking it all in. We walked Lombard Street or the “Crookedest Street in the World” which was quite a workout! Our hotel was on Lombard Street  too so it wasn’t too far from where we were staying.


Before the sunset we stopped at a cupcake shop and picked up 2 cupcakes to go then hopped in the car and drove over the Golden Gate Bridge to a little hidden gem Cody found for us to watch the sunset. It was one of the highlights of our trip!! Watching those powerful Pacific Ocean waves hit the giant rocks time and time again was just beautiful! I can’t remember the name of where we were but it was made just for watching the sunset. At the furthest point there was a lookout point where only a few people at a time could stand and thankfully it wasn’t crowded so we got to stay there the whole time and eat our cupcakes and take pictures. I loved every minute!


I had never seen the Pacific Ocean.. it was very impressive!


After the sunset it was time for dinner. We headed back to Fisherman’s Wharf because we were in the mood for seafood. We chose Alioto’s and loved it! We both ordered shrimp and crab bisque and shared a fried seafood platter. The restaurant was right on the water and was a perfect end to our first day!

The next morning we walked back to Fisherman’s Wharf ( I told we did everything there!) for breakfast at a little café called The Black Point. It was right next to Ghirardelli Square so after breakfast we walked over there and window shopped. Nothing was open yet so we made a mental note to come back later!

Next, we packed up our car and drove up to Sonoma Valley where we spent the next 2 days doing nothing but gulping sipping wine and eating.


It was heaven. Sonoma was by far the highlight of the trip. We visited 11 wineries in 2 days, ate at 4 incredibly yummy restaurants, and stayed in the CUTEST hotel! The first winery we went to said you should only go to 3 wineries a day and maybe 4 if your palate is still good. His advise went in one ear and out the other. I bought us 2 day passes with 12 wineries to visit and we had big plans to drink all the wine we possible could! We hit up 5 the first day and 6 the next. We decided to skip the 12th one because they didn’t actually make their own wine there, they just let you taste from other wineries so we didn’t really care about that one.


We have already said that if we ever go back to San Fran we might skip the city and just go straight to Sonoma or Napa. We enjoyed meeting new people and getting to know the “tasters” at each of the wineries. It seemed like the more we talked, the more they poured, and the more we drank ;) And a few of the wineries gave incredible chocolate truffles to eat with our wine which made my experience that much more wonderful. Wine AND chocolate? Shut the front door!

This was a vacation I will never forget and will always have great memories of. Now that we have a baby these times together alone are a rarity that I will hold dear to me heart.

And a photo dump of the trip (in no particular order):


DSC_0141 DSC_0157












DSC_0061 DSC_0104








It’s my last blog post of 2013 and while I never really care too much about a year coming to an end, this was a year I’ll always hold dear to my heart.

You know that saying “time flys”? I’ve realized this more than ever with the birth of our son this year. Whether they felt that long or not, every day still had 24 hours in it but they were the fastest, hardest, and happiest minutes, hours, and days of my life. We had some really great days, and we had some really awful ones but my heart has never been as full of love as it is right now. It’s not a perfect life but we have a happy, humble home and I couldn’t be more thankful for how God has provided for us.


My top moments of 2013 include:

10. I shot my first turkey.
9. We made new friends and kept close with the old ones.
8. We added an addition to our house to make room for our growing family.
7. Hubby got a new job… well, same job, new people to work with.
6. Our Etsy shop more than tripled its sales from last year!
5. We survived 2 vacations with a newborn.
4. Cody and I celebrated 2 years of marriage.
3. I started a blog!
2. Cody surprised me with a trip to San Fran (We’re going in January)
1. Trig was born!

DSC_2172 copy

I hope you have had a year to remember and I look forward to sharing my life and thoughts with you in 2014!

I have been going a million miles a minute lately so blogging has been the last thing on my mind. Hopefully when Christmas is over I can get back on the ball!

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I, like many people, love this time of year. I hate hate hate this hot Florida weather and would pay money just to get to wear a sweater comfortably at 3:00 in the afternoon but you can’t have it all, right? But other than the weather, I love this time of year and I love thinking back to the Christmas traditions my parents started for me when I was a child.

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