September: Things I’m Crushing On

September 9, 2013 // Daily Life

During the day I usually take about 5 minutes every few hours on Pinterest just clicking around and pinning away. When I get to things I’ve already seen I put my phone down and go on with my day until the urge hits again and I start the cycle all over again. I used to spend WAYYYY more time on there but it wasn’t healthy so I force myself off! Since there are so many things I love, I am going to share some with you every so often. You might just find a little inspiration :)

This mug brownie is calling my name! And it’s clean? Shut the front door!


I’m making this quinoa fried rice for dinner tomorrow night. I don’t really know for sure how to pronounce the word quinoa and when I couldn’t find it at Trader Joe’s right away I still didn’t ask even one of the 30 employees who walked past me because I couldn’t throw my own self under the bus.


Look at how cute this backpack is! I’m going to tackle this one day!


I adore this office space. I would kill to have mine look this way but my hubby’s deer heads hanging above me as I work will never allow for that.


I have a few pallets outside waiting to be transformed. This site has some great ideas. I love the huge shelf with pictures for our family room.


I’m so ready for Fall! I have even talked myself into believing the air has been a little cooler when I take the dog out in the mornings. It’s not. I just hate sweating at 7 am. These pumpkin brownies and these pumpkin muffins have me so excited for the quickly approaching season!


Oh how I wish I had seen these burp cloths before I had Trig. They are so much cuter than the plain white ones!


These are only a few things inspiring my heart right now. I’ll be doing this a little more often in the weeks to come as the holidays are fast approaching and I get a little pin-happy!


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  • Tasha Lehman

    Thanks for sharing the muffin recipe! :)

    • chelsieworley

      You’re welcome! Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!